"The best ideas for enhancing growth and improvement aren't discovered in the lab late at night, or in the isolation of the executive suite. They come from the people who daily fight the company's battles, who serve the customers, explore new markets and fend off the competition."

Creativity and Innovation has become an increasing challenge to encourage and stimulate the generation of new ideas. In today's competitive, consumer driven markets Innovation is often described as 'the power of taking new ideas through to customers to satisfy increasingly sophisticated needs'. The act of converting your ideas into a LIVE application using the basic principles of software engineering is referred as Project Engineering.

Since its inception, Sankalp's been focused on customer-centric innovations; constantly searching for new and different ways to build client's thoughts into businesses. Sankalp has made Innovation a part of their regular continuing strategy by harnessing the creative energies and the insights of their Sankalpians across functions and ranks. We trust our own people.

Mostly, the software that suits your specific needs is simply not available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren't sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, Sankalp will custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty. We have created a force named as Future Solutions Group which is dedicated to make R&D in areas of latest technology and innovate new ways to keep our applications at top level and ultimately help our clients with their solutions leading them towards their success.

It is very important to nurture this habit across the organization. Hence, we at Sankalp exercise an activity called 'Innovation Day' every month which helps enhance the creative & innovative aspect of all our Sankalpians and making them self-driven, together driving Sankalp ahead.

Everyday our developers implement an effective and useful solution for companies around the world. In our work we use the latest technologies and solution. We love challenges and maintainable programming with using really good code. Our unique approach gives a degree of flexibility and control that is rare in custom projects.

Our goal is to merge high quality, solid, precise and unique solution, along with an affordable price and rapid delivery time. You can rely on our infinite years of sourcing experience in India (since 2001), as well as our team of professional designers, engineers, QCs and QA's to get the best value for your investment.