If you are looking at joining a dynamic organization, where each day is full of learnings, growth and success, Sankalp is certainly the right place for you! We believe in making work an exciting journey for all and are passionately committed to the growth and well-being of our people!

Everyday at Sankalp is challenging to the core as there is a lot to be accomplished. Propel your career and reach great heights with us. Join us and experience Sankalp!!!

A Culture of fun and freedom
A Culture of fun and freedom:

At Sankalp, we continually strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We give socializing and spirited mingling its due importance, and thus our calendar is filled with events and celebrations that will have you rolling in fits of laughter and excitement! We also give festivities their due importance and celebrate occasions such as Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas and more with great enthusiasm! Additionally, Sankalpians enjoy complete freedom of being yourself as our organization believes and embraces everyone the way they are! Birthdays too are celebrated with equal aplomb at Sankalp, wherein each Sankalpian takes home a gift that they can cherish for lifetime!

Perks Galore
Perks Galore:

A happy and fulfilled work force equals a successful organization. That’s exactly why Sankalp offers its employees the best of work benefits such as competitive salaries and lucrative performance bonus and quarterly incentive schemes. Our average yearly appraisal was 25% this year. To recognize the efforts of our people on an ongoing basis, we also host events such as ‘Performer of the Month’, ‘Wow awards’ and several other competitions to fuel the competitive spirit and energies of our people! We christen our most consistent performers as our Brand Ambassadors and also present them with attractive awards each quarter.

Ace your Career at Sankalp
Ace your Career at Sankalp:

Our organization offers each of its employees a plethora of opportunities to grow! We do not support the concept of keeping our resources ‘on the bench’. Instead, we believe in roping in and honing the skills of our people to the fullest. Several ex- employees from Sankalp have been placed in top MNC’S worldwide which is proof of the exciting career development opportunities we have on offer!

We own a No Delay policy
We own a ‘No Delay’ policy:

Right from salary pay-outs to appraisals, we believe in a no-delay policy. It has been carved on stone that salary pay outs are provided on the 7th of every month at Sankalp. Similarly, our organization also provides healthy and extremely fulfilling appraisals on an annual basis without any holdups. Our hikes are solely performance based and hence an ardent performer at Sankalp is sure to earn his dues in time!

We invest in our people
We invest in our people:

Our greatest asset is our employees and thus we diligently train them to be the best. On joining Sankalp, employees go through meticulous training programs that enhance their knowledge and skills and transform them completely throughout their time in Sankalp. We also provide individual development opportunities like mentoring and coaching that helps in bringing out the best in our people!

Our open-door policy
Our open-door policy:

There is no glass cabin in Sankalp where one cannot waltz in with their queries and grievances. All our managers can be approached freely, with each one of them being dedicated to hearing you out with patience and care. We support and encourage transparency in all aspects and believe in leading a free organizational set up across levels!

An equilibrium between pre-fixed processes and creativity
An equilibrium between pre-fixed processes and creativity:

For any process to be followed the vision behind it needs to be clear. Sankalp was started with a vision to serve its customers better and this has been drilled down to each employee irrespective of his or her position. Despite being process driven, our organization is also home to creativity – one that inspires our employees to come up with out of the box ideas and enjoy a professionally fulfilling time throughout!

Stay abreast with Technology
Stay abreast with Technology:

At Sankalp, the learning never halts! Our employees get a hands-on experience in latest technology like MVC, Asp.net, CSS3, Android and IOS Development, HTML 5 and selenium amongst other things. We, at Sankalp are dedicated to ensuring that your journey with us is nothing but a success!

Work with a goal driven team
Work with a goal driven team:

Two passionate and visionary entrepreneurs, ten dedicated managers and sixty - five smart and driven Sankalpians is what it takes to build a company like ours. Employees at Sankalp are given a chance to engage with several talented minds from the moment they join us. We present our people a chance to be part of team that owns an undying goal to succeed, thus inspiring them to grow into positive professionals and great human beings!

Recognize your true potential
Recognize your true potential:

At Sankalp, we constantly aim at providing you the very best of facilities for your career growth. We believe in reinventing ourselves to stay in line with the latest market trends and hence our employees get a chance to sample new technologies, new domains and initiatives on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to allow resources to explore their true capabilities to the fullest , while forming a valuable part of our organization.